Los Angeles: Heather Vergo
Phone: 310 324-9800
New York: Tim Walsh
Phone: 212 730-4500
Texas: Debora Duckett
Phone: 512 292-1030

For live appearances, such as conventions, please contact

If you’d like to send me physical fan mail, here’s the address:

Kyle McCarley
P.O. Box 6130
Burbank, CA 91510-6130

NOTE: If what you’re mailing me is a package, LET ME KNOW YOU’RE SENDING ME SOMETHING. Via Twitter, email, whatever. I don’t check this P.O. Box often, and if it doesn’t fit, they put a pick-up slip in there and return your package to you if I don’t show up to claim it in time.
Also, ONLY ADDRESS THE MAIL SENT TO THIS P.O. BOX TO KYLE MCCARLEY. I’m more than happy to be your courier to other folks you know I have regular contact with, but include a note to me telling me who to give it to, don’t put their name on the mail itself. The post office will most likely return it to you because my name’s the only one approved for delivery.

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