Interactive/Video Games

Hi! I’m Kyle McCarley: a voice over actor living in Los Angeles. I’m a graduate of the University of Southern California’s School of Theatre, and I’ve been behind the microphone for anime, cartoons, video games, audiobooks, commercials, podcasts, radio plays, eLearning software, phone prompts, and even a talking plush monkey.

My most notable work includes the lead roles of Mikazuki Augus in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, which just completed its first season run on Adult Swim, and Mob in Mob Psycho 100, currently releasing Sundays on Funimation, several award winning audiobooks, numerous major roles in video games such as Unepic and Disgaea 5, several commercials on the web, radio, and television across the country, including a “Big Game” commercial for Taco Bell, as well as a lot of other exciting stuff I’m not allowed to talk about yet. For more information on my previous work, check out my résumé.

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