The Horrors of Technology

I’ve been severely neglecting my auditions over the past couple weeks due to the move to Reseda, and I’m still contemplating the logistics of getting all the materials I need for the new studio from the hardware store into my garage. It wouldn’t have been a problem at all about two months ago when I still had a Suburban available to haul things, but by upgrading to a small sporty convertible, I’ve lost any sort of cargo transportation capabilities.

Aside from the usual hassles that go along with moving, I faced one of the most terrifying crises of the last couple years when I booted up my computer again after the move: data loss. Long story short, my big hard drive with all my invaluable information was formatted accidentally either by myself or a confused Windows install disc, and I lost everything it had on it. All my past jobs and auditions are gone, but thankfully, I’m not in the middle of any major projects, and I’m truly grateful now that I finished Nightingale before the move, because that would’ve been an absolute nightmare.

Most disturbingly, the pet project I’ve mentioned a few times in the past, the choose-your-own-adventure cartoon I’ve been working on in my spare time, was on that drive, and aside from the finished scenes I uploaded to YouTube, all of it’s gone. That includes all the assets like characters and sets and stuff, so it’s kind of hard to pick up where I left off on completed scenes, because I have to redesign everything to match what’s already finished. I took the drive to Fry’s Electronics on Saturday and I’m still waiting to hear the verdict on what, if anything, can be recovered. My hopes are high, as from what I understand, the data’s not actually gone until you write over it with something new. If I can’t get it back, though, I honestly question whether or not I’ll have the patience to start the whole project over again, as I was more than halfway finished with it. Meanwhile, all I can do at the moment is focus on settling in to the new place and hopefully get going on the build for my sweet new studio.

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