The Booth, Backstage, and More

For those who follow my social networks, you’ve probably already seen this video tour of my sweet new studio. If you haven’t, check it out now:

Aside from completing construction on my box, the last couple weeks have been rather eventful. Nexon had me return to Chaos Theory Music in Santa Monica for a couple more NPCs in Dungeon Fighter Online and Dragon Nest, but other than that, new work is a little slow at the moment. I’m confident, though, that more will turn up soon because of a couple other recent events.

Today, I was called by Andrew Salomon of Backstage for an over-the-phone interview about the evolution of the industry of audiobooks. Despite my novice status in the field (I’ve really only been doing audiobooks for a little over a year), my insights will be printed in an article he’s writing on November 17th, and I’ll be sure to post a link to it both here and on my social networks.

Speaking of the evolution of audiobooks, I recently discovered a new website from the folks at Audible called the Audiobook Creation Exchange, or ACX for short. This website is designed for authors, publishers, producers, and narrators to come together and create audiobooks. There are literally thousands of novels in need of narrators listed on ACX, and they say new ones are being posted every day. In the two or three days since I discovered them, I’ve auditioned for thirteen, and I’ve got about thirty more I plan on submitting for in the days to come.

Also on the subject of audiobooks, Nightingale is set for release today! I’m skeptical to post about it, as the release date has already been pushed back three or four times, and it’s still not actually available just yet, but you can pre-order it and get it digitally delivered as soon as it is. I can’t stress enough how much you need to get this audiobook, though. If you’re one of my fans, it’s my greatest professional achievement to date. If you’re a fan of sci-fi and fantasy, it’s a spectacular story. If you’re a fan of audiobooks, not to brag, but this one should be ranked among the best. Trust me: you want this book.

Finally, Delson Armstrong is releasing the print novel of Red Serpent: Knights of Argos on November 11. The audiobook has yet to start production because Delson and I had to figure out the future of our business relationship after I made the decision to stop providing sound design for my clients, but we’re pretty sure we’ve figured things out, and production will start as soon as I get my hard drive back. On that topic, fingers are still crossed that everything comes back okay, but the amount of time they’ve taken already and the additional information they asked me for yesterday is making me a bit nervous. But we’ll cross that bridge when it’s burning. I don’t think that’s how that expression goes, but it’s something like that.

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