P2P Voice Over

ACX Tip for Audiobook Narrators

I recently attended an Audible-hosted networking/mixer event for “new” voices in the audiobook industry to chat with publishers and others that are more firmly entrenched than the likes of myself. I say “new” in quotation marks like that because that was the term in the event name, in spite of…

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Voices.com’s No Contact Policy

UPDATE: A new post on VOX Daily at Voices.com indicates they’ve revised their new policy because of the outcry of VOs like myself and those in the comments section below. They’ve always been good at listening, and I’m extremely happy that my fellow VOs were willing to make the noise…

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Quick Tip for Voices.com Newbies

If you’ve recently started using Voices.com, you may not be aware yet of a useful feedback feature you can find on the Answered tab of your Jobs page. This tab is a list of all the jobs you’ve ever submitted an audition to. This list shows you most of the…

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How Smart is Voice123’s SmartCast?

I seem to be the only one as concerned about this issue as I am right now, but I don’t think that makes it any less important. If you’ve been reading my posts this week, I’ve been getting pretty vocal about some hard-hitting discussions in the voice over world. Today…

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If you read my post from yesterday, or are someone active in the voice over community, you’ve already heard of the site VoiceBunny. VoiceBunny comes from the mind of Alex Torrenegra, creator, co-founder, and CEO of Voice123, one of two leading pay-to-play voice over booking websites. VoiceBunny changes the model…

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P2P Voice Over and Its Effect on the Industry

When I became a full-time voice over actor about two, two and a half years ago, I was able to do so mostly because of the services offered by Voices.com and Voice123. When I was introduced to those two sites, I thought they were both fantastic; a dream come true….

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